First Blog Post: Why I’ve started Blogging.

When it comes to reviews on beauty products, fashion inspiration and makeup tricks I usually turn to Youtube and watch various beauty gurus share their videos on ‘everyday makeup’, ‘product reviews…’ ,’best beauty buys’ and the like.

I’ve always had a love for fashion and beauty and I have always wanted to share my own thoughts and opinions on the internet. I am still trying to discover which is the best way to voice these, In this post I’m going to share why I’ve turned to blogging, what has attracted me to blogging and why, a person like me ,who would much rather watch a Youtube Video than read a blog post, has chosen to take up blogging.

  • I find it hard to find the time to film videos in good lighting and edit them, also to be consistent as I know consistency is what makes a channel worth while.
  • I feel mostly inspired to film in the evening and I do not have the equipment to let me do so.
  • My camera for shooting videos is. RUBBISH!
  • My dad has a fantastic SLR camera for taking still  pictures with, so fingers crossed I can use his from time to time
  • You can delete and re-write so easily when blogging where as, if you film a video you have to plan ahead
  • I enjoy typing my ideas on a laptop. It sounds strange but I find it slightly therapeutic.
  • I love trying large or small projects so I want to give blogging a go, I may end up being amazing at Blogging ( I live in hope)  or it may turn out that I am dreadful but I’ll never know until I try.

These are just a few reasons off the top of my head,

Until next post m’dear, TTFN

Siun xo    * said like Shoon*


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