The same old rubbish?

I am probably the last person to say this to you but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *cue party poppers and balloons*, Yes we are truly into the New Year and I bet most of us have made some sort of ‘New Year Resolutions’ in hopes to lose weight or save money but there’s something about the words ‘New Years Resolution’. New Years resolution is like a Rubicon- once you’ve gone over it you can’t go back and then we are left disappointed with ourselves and give up all hope.

Every year I feel that we all say the same thing ‘I failed all my new years resolutions’ or ‘Next year I will keep my resolutions’. Who are we kidding? Instead call what you want to do- ‘targets for the new year’ and if you run off track don’t beat yourself up about it and think ‘tomorrow is a new day’. If your New Year…I mean target is to try and eat more healthily do not deprive yourself of the Oreo brownies, you CAN indulge yourself as long as you savoir it and remember you can eat healthily tomorrow! You  are not going to get fat after one slice of cake. 

For me I know if I am trying to do something whether that be getting ready or doing work I always look at my clock and try to start on a nice time such as to the hour or half hour. For example if I have to do an essay and I want to start at 11 O’Clock and it is now 11:03 I will wait until 11:30 but if I miss that It’s 12 and so on. until it’s 6 in the evening and I decide to leave it for the next day, which no doubt will be exactly the same. If you are like me, just do it. Now I know it’s easier said than done but think of the feeling when you have finished and you can just relax and can do anything you want without the voice in your head telling you ‘hey, don’t you have that *essay* todo?’

My Targets for the New Year are

  • To blog more frequently
  • Turn my phone and laptop off half an hour before I go to bed 
  • Be more prompt
  • Be more decisive and remember that ‘we will be in this restaurant again so just chose something to eat!’  

I know how hard it is to keep to your targets but don’t beat yourself up about it if you miss a day, mess up a couple of times, it’s not the end of the world and tomorrow you can pick up where you left off! (just try not to keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow)

I would love to hear what some of your Targets are for the new year or what you want to have achieved by the end of 2014. 

Good Luck everyone 




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