Hemp Hand



I have tried a variety of different hand creams but the Hemp hand protector from the Body Shop has been by far the best. I like a hand cream to sink quickly into the skin so I can get on with writing pretty much after applying it. The smell is unusual, quite earthy and flowery similar to the Jasmine flower, the smell doesn’t linger for long and it is not overpowering. The consistency is fairly thick but not so thick that you have to spend ages rubbing it in. It is not oily at all so it doesn’t just sit on the surface of the skin or run down before you even have a chance of working it in. Your hands feel moisturized and replenished and retailing at £5 for a small size (pictured right in first picture) which lasted me well over 2 months of using it at least 3 times a day and giving some to various friends, you can’t really go wrong with this product, I would highly recommend it; Whether your hands are extremely dry or are just feeling a little rough- this works really well and the small size is great for on the go.




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