Hair Don’t Dye!


In the middle of December, for the first time, I got my hair dyed professionally as none of the home dyes ever worked on my hair as it’s very dark. I thought I was going to have to bleach all of my hair to get any sort of colour to show but it turned out I didn’t have to, which was great! Although we didn’t have to bleach my hair, my hair became really dry, like straw, especially at the ends. I was trying different hair masks and conditioners but none of them seemed to work or they gave me shine but didn’t make my hair soft or vice versa. In the end I tried the Aussie 3 minute miracle re-constructor hair mask and it worked a dream. I wish I had found and used it sooner because that stuff is amazing! For 250 ml it costs around £5, I have long hair and just use it on the ends which is where my hair tends to get especially dry. As it is a deep conditioner I only use it twice a week and it has lasted me well over 2 months, but it will vary for people depending on length of hair, whether you’ll use it from root to tip and how many times a week you’ll use it.

The Aussie re-constructor deep conditioner not only leaves your hair feeling soft, less frizzy, thick, smooth and moisturized your hair smells slightly like strawberry bubble gum (I’m not complaining). I love how my hair looks and feels after using it and what I love even more is that you only really need to leave it in your hair for 3 minuets max and it’s worked, with others I find you have to leave it in for longer to see / feel any sort of effect, if you are an impatient person (like me), who is always in a rush (like me) then this product is made for you.




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