The Best Inexpensive Brush Cleanser

I know there are lodes of brush cleansers out there but they are usually fairly expensive and using them often can add up the pounds. If you are running low and your makeup brushes are in need of a clean, here is a quick, simple and cheap way in which you can have squeaking clean and soft brushes.

You just need –

  1. anti-bacterial washing up liquid this will remove dirt, oil, pigments and bacteria
  2. extra virgin olive oil– this will recondition the brush hair as the washing up liquid can strip the hairs making them very dry
  • mix 2 table spoons of washing up liquid to 1 table spoon of olive oil on a plate  (add more depending on how dirty the brushes are and how many you want to clean)
  • wet brushes and dip in solution, swirl the brush in the palm of hand (at this point you will probably see how much dirt was in your brush) rinse brush under warm water until water runs clear
  •  wipe of excess water and leave in a towel to dry. repeat same steps for other brushes

Told you it was easy!

I love using this method as the two products are always in the house.I don’t have to worry about bacteria building up on my brushes and causing me to break out and it’s so cheap, what’s not to love about it!? 




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