Acne Saviour




I used to have quite a cluster of spots which at first were on my forehead and then they seemed to migrate down my face until they were above my upper lip and chin (how sexy). My skin type is extremely oily especially on my T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin) and my cheeks are just normal apart from in the winter when they can get a little dry.

I would get a combination of different spots, from the sore red ones under the skin or the annoying little ones with the white head. I tried different cleansers; gels, foams, oils, toners and  moisturizers that claimed they would clear up the island of spots that seemed to have accumulated under my nose. But none of them worked, I was very embarrassed about the spots and knew better than to cover them up with makeup ( I guess this is when I thanked my parents for sending me to an all girls school).

Until, I tried this regime and it cleared up my acne like no other! The products used in conjunction with each other worked wonders on my skin and I only used three products:

Panoxyl Gel 2.5–  this is a gel I applied to the affected area of my face after washing it. You can buy Panoxyl gel over the counter in boots, I went for the strength 2.5 which worked for me but you can get stronger or weaker strengths depending on how severe your acne is. This disinfected the acne infested area and helped to reduce the spots. In the first few days of applying the gel the acne got worse but this is because the gel was dragging all the spots to the surface, ready to be treated.

The only downfall with the panoxyl gel is that is made my skin extremely dry, so to combat this I washed my face with

Cetaphill Gentle Skin Cleanser– This helped to save my skin from not getting to dry. It felt very buttery on the skin and left my skin feeling soft. I didn’t get the feeling of a tingly fresh face but I knew it had cleaned my skin in a gentle way. I used the cleansing lotion in preparation for the panoxyl gel and they seemed to work really well together.

In conjunction with these two products I also used the

Cetaphill Moisture lotion– this is extremely gentle on the skin and is specially for sensitive and dry skin. This helped to soothe my skin after using the panoxyl gel. Cetapill products contain very little ingredients so I knew it wasn’t going to irritate my skin any further, because this particular moisturizer was especially for dry skin I was apprehensive to use it as I didn’t want it to make my oily forehead more oily or break me out. But it was fine and it left my skin very soft and really helped to replenish the dry skin.

My regime would go like this


  1. wash face with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
  2. apply pea sized amount of pan oxyl gel to affected area of acne
  3. get ready and leave the gel to sink in
  4. apply cetaphil moisture lotion to whole of face

Evening- repeat.

I did this for about a week and started to see results, and soon after 3 weeks my acne was pretty much clear. I still get the few odd spot and a fairly bad one around the time of month but nothing as bad as I did before.

Whether you have acne, very sensitive skin or very dry skin I would highly recommend trying these products. I would definitely recommend the regime if you suffer from acne  and I hope it works for you as well as it worked for me!

Good Luck!




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