Fuss Free Red Lips


ImageThe MAC lip pencil in Cherry retails at £12 and is well worth the money, it lasts for ages both on the lips and as a product (you can purchase it here). It is a gorgeous red with a hint of a blue undertone, blue undertone lip colors make your teeth appear whiter, so I’m not complaining! This is perfect if you want a quick and fuss free red lip, it is matte so once applied you don’t have to keep taking your phone out to check you teeth  whilst pretending to take a picture.

This is great if you are out for the day and are in need of a lip product to transform your look to party appropriate. It is a thin pencil so can easily be thrown into your bag. There’s no need to bring a lip liner and lipstick as it’s 2 in one! I like to line my lips and then fill them in using this pencil, even when I have a drink there are no signs of red stains around the glass and it is very long wearing.

The only downfall is that I wouldn’t advise using this pencil on dry lips, because it is very matte it can heighten those nasty dry patches. Other than that I would highly recommend this liner if you’re looking for a fuss free red lip that lasts for ages, has no worries about smudging and can be carried around in your clutch or handbag with ease.

What’s your favorite red lip product?




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