A Real Benefit



After many months of ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ I finally cracked and was going to splurge on Benefits Hoola Bronzer but my friend surprised me and kindly bought me it for my birthday! I was reluctant to buy it as it is £23.50 and I didn’t think it was going to be worth it, despite all the hype over it.

But I was not disappointed, this is by far the best bronzer I have ever tried and I am so happy I have it. I have tried tons of bronzers but they have never really suited me; either being too shimmery, orange and/or light.

I now understand why Benefits Hoola Bronzer was in so many people’s beauty favorites every month and ‘UK’s best selling bronzer’. It is not too orange or brown, it is highly pigmented so only a dip of the brush is needed so the product will last a long time, so easy to blend and it is matte so no worries of shimmering like a disco ball, the powder is so finely milled and it applies effortlessly. It gives such a beautiful glow to the skin and I feel it transforms any makeup look. It is very buildable and works on both pale and darker skin tones.

You may think I am over exaggerating about a bronzer but I couldn’t recommend it more highly.  I don’t think you would be disappointed if you tried it. Is £23.50 expensive for a bronzer? Hell, Yes. Should  you buy the Hoola Bronzer? Hell, Yes! It will be the best £23.50 you will spend.




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