Bulls Eye Brows



After trying the palette from soap and glory (review here) I decided to try the brow archery pencil in chocolate brownie. I have the sleek eyebrow kit but when I’m going away or in a rush, the eyebrow palette is quite bulky and I can never find the brush! Instead I like to pick up a pencil and do them quickly.

I was not disappointed with this product at all, in fact it swiftly made it’s way up to one of my all time fave products!

It’s double ended, one side with a felt tip and one with a retractable pencil (another brownie point for that- I don’t have to carry a sharpener!). The fine felt tip gives great precision and very natural soft brush strokes to give the more natural look to your brows. The waxy pencil is great for out lining the brow itself making them look pretty flawless.

This product is Β£10 which (in my opinion) is expensive but in fact you can use either end to fill your brows in. To make myself feel better I like to think I bought 2 eyebrow products for Β£10.

What product/s do you like to do your brows with?



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