Quick Fix


Don’t you hate it when your powder breaks!? Recently one of my favorite setting powders- Rimmel London Clear Complexion powder cracked and broke when it was in my makeup bag. I hadn’t hit pan on it and I didn’t really want to go out and spend money on a new one so I used this method to fix it!

It’s really simple all you need is

  • surgical spirits
  • a tea spoon
  • small sandwhich bag
  • tissue

I know what you’re thinking ‘this is a weird list of things I need’ and the first step is kinda weirdImage

1.empty the broken bits in to the sandwich bag and start crushing, you want the larger bits to be grinded down into more of a refined powder


2.empty the powder back into the compact


2. pour the surgical spirits all over the powder until soaked, it should now look like a paste


3.with the back of the spoon smooth it over don’t worry about the colour, once it has dried it will go back to it’s original colour.


4.Wipe around the edges with a tissue and leave to dry, come back after a few hours and your powder is as good as new!

This will work on any powders. I hope you have found this useful. Thanks for reading!




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