Give Me Waves!

ImageI have straight hair and I am forever spending money on products that claim will give me ‘sexy beach waves’  or ‘hair like a mermaid’ but they either look as if I haven’t done anything or I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards. I thought I’d share with you these 3 products that I haven’t yet thrown away but wanted to give you a heads up because I found them to do nada to my hair!


It takes a long time to work this in to my hair and usually just makes it sticky. It doesn’t even make my hair wavy let alone give me ‘flirty curls!’ Once it has dried it leaves my hair looking dry and the roots flat. However it does smell amazing and I wish there was a shampoo with the scent, but apart from that, for me personally it did not work. However, if you have naturally curly hair apparently it works well on it.


When I first scrunched this into my hair I thought ‘yes! this is going to work!’. It didn’t give me exactly the look I was going for but it was close to slightly curly. Sadly it did not last long and after 20 minuets the waves had fallen and my hair was once again straight.


I was a bit skeptical about trying a sea salt spray but as I had tried mousses and gels I thought ‘why not?’ And purchased it. Sadly (as anticipated) I was highly disappointed. It smells too strongly of alcohol and left my hair crispy and dry without doing anything to it. Out of all the products I had tried this was the one that made me look like I had birds living in my hair. Not a sexy look.

I would not purchase any one of these products again, If you have straight, thick hair and have found a product that gives you  sexy, mermaid beach waves please let me know. If I find one you’ll be the first to know!



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