Korean Beauty Store and Mini Product Review

When I was in Canada (keep eyes peeled for blog post coming soon), I visited Scarborough shopping centre and I was delighted to see a Korean Beauty store called ‘The Face Shape’. There isn’t anything like it near where I live  so I spent a very long time in there ( the sales assistant was probably getting a bit bored of me)

I thought I’d share what I purchased and mini reviews on each product.


  • I felt compelled to buy ‘The Extreme Brush Pen Eyeliner in Black’ as I haven’t yet used a complete smudge proof liquid eyeliner, having oily monolids I soon get panda eyes which is not attractive. I’ve used this a few times and this is by the far the best liquid eyeliner I have ever used. It doesn’t smudge under my eyes, It stays put for hours without me having to touch it up. It has a very fine nib so you can get a really crisp and precise line. Trust me if this is full proof on my eyes it will work a dream on yours! So happy I purchased this, might have to ask my Great aunt and uncle to send me a few more!
  • Lip Care Cream in Shea Butter- smells great, it is a mix between a gloss and a balm. I do not find it to be that moisturising but it gives a really nice sheen to the lips and makes them look plump and full.


  • I love this Scrunchie hair band it was only about $4 (with tax) and I love how it grips back all my baby hairs and fly aways, it sounds silly to rave about a hairband so much but this is much better than the bodyshop ones and because it is rouched I feel it will last longer.
  • The Mild Papaya Peeling Face Mask looked quite interesting, it’s not like a mask where you leave it on. It comes out as a milky white gel and you massage it on to wet skin; as you massage it in, it exfoliates your face and you can acutally see and feel the the dead skin being removed. Its specially designed for sensitive skin and so far it works really nicely on my skin, it has a subtle smell and leaves my skin looking soft and glowy.

If you are ever in Ontario I would definanlty recommend going to Scarborough town centre for some shopping. They have some great stores and I would highly recommend checking out ‘The Face Shop’.




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  1. mintymilky says:

    So cool! I want such a shop here 😦

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