Day 2: Toronto City and CN Tower

Waking up in beautiful Ontario, the weather was sunny but by no means warm, we grabbed our warm coats and sunglasses and jumped on the train to go into Toronto city to look around and go up the CN tower.
ImageMirrored windows all over the city

ImageA City view from behind 
ImageCN tower- the 2nd tallest building in the worldImage

Can’t see the view but nice picture huh? Up the CN tower
ImageView from above



ImageGeneric ‘What I bought in Starbucks’. Peach and Raspberry Granola and Green Tea Frapachino! We should do these in the UKImageI just like the pic
Imageno posing

After a day in Toronto City we drove to Jerry and Helen’s for dinner. It was our first time going to their house and it was beautiful, the view from the apartment is over Lake Ontario and looks lovely, especially in the evening. 


ImageThe food was amazing! ate way too much. ImageHomemade by Helen! (Just kidding)

Going into Toronto City was great and the views from the CN tower were amazing. It was so lovely for Jerry and Helen to have us round for dinner and we all had a wonderful time.

Everyone in Canada seems to be so friendly and nice especially in costumer service, so different to the UK.Also it’s so clean and although I do love hearing birds sing in the morning it was glorious to have silence.




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