Day 3: Algonquin National Park

We woke up pretty early and drove up north to Algonquin National Park, It took 3 hours driving but it was well worth it. Would you believe that we didn’t get into a traffic jam the whole time. ImageWhere we stopped off for a break
ImageFrozen Lake. Last winter was the worst they had for a few years.



We stopped off at Tim Hortons on the way and I got a chicken salad sandwhich, it was so goooood


how can you go to Tim Hortons and NOT get Tim Bits!?


ImageThe BEST raspberry and blueberry bran muffin and a not so great caramel Latte.
Image‘Act natural and make me laugh’ ImagePictures from Algonquin National Park


Sugar Maple Leaf

There was a visitor center that was really good and told us about the park and the animals that could be found. We were hoping to see a moose, sadly we didn’t, apprantley it was due to the cows  (female moose) giving birth and the males staying close to protect them. However we did see a chipmunk! But that was the only wild animal we saw in the park.

After a walk around the park we drove to ‘The Best Western’ which was where we were staying the night as the drive was very long.It started to rain on the way back to the hotel so we were happy we had been able to go out and enjoy the weather before.  At the hotel we went into the swimming pool and the hot tub before dinner. The hot tub was boiling hot, I just put my legs in it looked like I had red socks on. After a splash in the pool we went for dinner in ‘ Vito’s Pizzeria’, they was such friendly service and the food was amazing, we would highly recommend it there.

We got back to the hotel and played cards for a while, it was so beautiful to see the North of Canada. Although the weather was hot and sunny in Toronto when we arrived in Algonquin it was great to see Canada in Snow. The views were amazing as we drove up to Algonquin the frozen lakes, the vast amount of forest and the snow still on the ground. It was really beautiful.




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