Day 4: Don’t Judge My Pizza

The hotel we were staying in was simple and comfortable. The staff were lovely and friendly there and they really made you feel welcome. We weren’t expecting anything amazing for breakfast but there was a pretty good selection. There were homemade bran muffins, fruit, eggs, yogurt, coffee, teas; the list goes on. But I think the one thing my sisters and I included had fun making were our own waffles which turned out very good!

After breakfast we set off back to the house in Ontario.


DSC_0182made a few stops which were well worth it.


That evening we ordered pizza from the local pizzeria. We each made our own I had; whole wheat base, broccoli, spinach, sundried tomatoes and pesto chicken. You’re probably thinking ‘that’s disgusting’ and before you judge me it was actually really nice!


In the house we couldn’t work the TV and the owner Lynn and her friend kindly came over an tried to fix it. We couldn’t get any live televesion but Spongebob repeats, but it was better than nothing! And Niu-Niu and Ming didn’t seem to mind.

Although we hadn’t done much apart from drive down from Algonquin and ate pizza we were all fairly tired so we had an early night.



Disclaimer: All pictures taken by Joseph O’Neill (apart from the pizza)


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