Day 6:Niagara Falls and Flutterbyes


Today was one of my favourite days, we woke up pretty early and drove to Niagara Falls. It was a fairly sunny day but it was still very cold. When we drove past it to try and find parking I was taken aback at how amazing it looked. The American Falls is next to it and I thought it was amazing seeing it first, then I noticed Niagara Falls beside it and the American Falls looked so small.

We paid to walk behind the falls and it was amazing. You could feel the power of the falls with a low rumble in your sternum, there were tunnels running behind it which were very cold. Either side there were plaques telling you facts and interesting stories about the Falls. In the 19oo’s there was a 9 year old boy that went over when the family were in a boat. He is one of the 2 people who have survived falling into the falls.







After the breathtaking experiences of seeing and walking behind Niagara Falls we had a snack in no other than Tim Hortons (after going there first time that was it, we were hooked). After warming up with hotchocolates, green teas, doughnuts and muffins we drove to the butterfly conservatory.

In the entrance of the  butterfly conservatory there were poisonous animals such as bull frogs, snakes, rats and the bird eating spider (uggh, sends shivers up my spine just thinking about it). Before going in we took off our layers as we guessed it was going to be pretty humid inside.

When you walk through the doors the warm temperature hits you, you hear the rushing of the mini water falls around the conservatory and smell of the sweet citrus fruit lying about for the butterflies to suck on. The whole place looked amazing with it’s colorful flowers and the stunning butterflies fluttering about.

There were over 30 different species of butterflies flying about at the time we went it. Tip: If you wear bright coloured clothes you may be lucky enough to have a butterfly sit on you. There is a pathway all around the conservatory which you can walk and take your time to admire the butterflies. In there, there was even a place showing you the larvae the butterflies hatching. I was lucky enough to have my favorite butterfly land on me, I didn’t have to stay still I could carry on walking and it would still sit on me.








After the butterfly conservatory we drove back to the house and stopped off at the supermarket to pick up some ingredients for dinner. When I was in there I went to the deli counter; ‘can I have another spoon of olives please?’, the lady serving me goes ‘oh ma God, I love your accent! haha, spoon’ (she said in a fake British accent) I laughed along with her and just stood awkwardly waiting for my olives. She said in a british accent ‘haha, British, one direction and all that!’ as she handed me the olives I said thank you, she imitated me again- ‘Thank you!’. It was very funny at the time but it’s hard trying to type this!

My dad made a lovely dinner and we all enjoyed it, apart from Ming who had KFC. She missed out.

Looking back now this was definitely  my favorite day.




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