Day 10: Homeward Bound


Sadly it was the last day, I had a small breakfast of fruit and yogurt in Tim Hortons and packed up at the hotel.  It was really cute in the hotel as they had hidden chocolate eggs around the lobby. After we drove to the lake Ontario and had a walk beside it and admired the view.




We then drove to Jerry and Helen’s for brunch which was lovely. Nothing beats quality time with the ones you love, Conaire (Cousin) was there and it was great to catch up. Niu- Niu and Conaire had a jamming session on the guitars and it sounded great! The food was fabulous and was enough to feed the five-thousand.


IMG_1254[1]Home made meringue drizzled with milk chocolate. These were amazing!
IMG_1253[1]Lindt bunnies are great!

After lots of laughs, gorgeous food and loving company, it was time to go. It was very sad to say goodbye to the family, they were so hospitable and really made the holiday. It was so lovely to be able to spend time with family and I am very grateful for them putting up with us and greeting use with open arms.




As we pulled away, through teary eyes and waves my dad surprised us all and drove us to the lake for fifteen minutes. It was a pleasant surprise to be able to enjoy the views for one last time.

When we got to the airport we had a bit of a wait so we had a light bit in Swiss Chalet and then went to the gate to wait for our flight. At around 11pm we boarded the plane and said goodbye to Canada.

It was an amazing trip and I loved every second of it, it was great to spend time with my family and Canada itself was wonderful. I hope to go back in the future. Thank you so much for reading all the posts about Canada, I hope you enjoyed them. Beauty related posts will resume as usual on Wednesday but it’s fun to share what I’ve been up to and keep a record.

Hope you had a relaxing break over the Easter, whether that be for a few weeks or just the long weekend!




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