Face Routine


 Thought I’d share what products I use on a daily bases to cleanse and moisturize my face as I did a blog post how to fight acne (here) but not about my current face routine to keep the spots at bay.

ImageThis is my second tube of this Origins face wash and I love it. It smells fresh and lathers up nicely, so only the tiniest amount needs to be used. All Origins products are fairly expensive, however I think if it works for you then you should spend the money, especially if it’s skin care.


This moisturizer from No7 is gorgeous. I was a bit skeptical to try this as I tried their tinted moisturizer and it broke me out really badly! However I was presently surprised that it left my skin feeling fresh and although it is for oily/combination skin it gave my skin enough hydration that it felt plump and nourished. It has a medium consistency but feels lovely and light on the skin. This product costs £7.50 and lasts me a good few months, using it morning and night, I feel it’s definitely worth the money. However if you are looking for a cheaper alternative I would highly recommend the Nivea day cream; oily/combination.Image

Before last year I never used eye cream, I never saw the point. Until I was given a sample of the body shop eyecream and I felt I had to have it! After running out of the sample I was without eyecream for a few days and I really felt the difference. My undereyes felt dry and tight and I knew I needed an eyecream, so I purchased the real size of it. You only need the tiniest amount for under the eyes and it soothes and cools them, definitely reducing puffiness and making under the eyes feel hydrated and soft. This tube has lasted me since last summer and there is still a lot of the product left in there. I could really tell/feel a difference when using this, even if you don’t buy this one I would definitely try and incorporate an eyecream into your daily routine as the skin under the eyes is very delicate.

I would highly recommend all these products, what products do you use in your face routine?




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