Mad for Mac

MAC is great. I love their liptsticks but to me they are pretty expensive, £15 for a lipstick is alot of money! That could be a main and peach iced tea  from Wagamamas!

So when I occasioanlly decide to treat myself to a MAC lipstick I always spend ages umming and ahhing over which one to get and leave after about an hour with at least 15 different swatches on my hand and one lipstick packaged in it’s new black box.

In today’s post I thought I’d share what MAC lipsticks I have, I know it’s only a few but I love looking up and reading reviews on MAC lipsticks so you can have sort of an idea of what is there and what you want before you go to the counter.



Left to right: Sunny Seoul, Angel, Modesty, Party Line, Rebel

Sunny Seoul: This is  a Creemsheen finish which is my favorite finish. Creemsheen means it’s moisturizing and leaves a sheen on the lips, they give more of an opaque finish compared to some of the others.  Although it looks kind of scary in the bullet it comes out a beautiful shade. You can dab it if it’s too opaque and it will leave a lovely pink to the lips. This looks great under a pinkish lip gloss and brightens up any makeup look. It gives a beautiful flush of pink to the lips, I usually wear this one going out or dabbed on for more of a natural look

Angel: This is a frost finish so less opaque than the creemsheens. It’s baby pink with a blueish undertone. This is a beautiful shade and looks great on my paler friends, but sadly it washes me out a bit and doesn’t look quite right on my skin tone. Nevertheless it looks stunning on paler people and also people who are darker than me as it contrasts nicely with both, i think the pink clashes with mine too much and doesn’t complement but the yellow undertones of my skin.

Modesty: This is my first MAC lipstick I purchased and I adore it! (as you can see from the MAC lettering rubbing off)  I wanted my first MAC lipstick to be one I can use all the time as I wanted to get good use out of it. I use it very frequently and I still have it even after a good number of months. It is a beautiful pink with a brown undertone, perfect for everyday, it gives the lips a beautiful natural colour and isn’t too drying as it is a creemsheen finish. I doesn’t look too wet or shiny on the lips it’s just a perfect everyday shade.

Party Line: This is a red/brownish colour, great for people who want to have a bolder lip but not too vampy or scary. This is the newest shade to join the party and I love it. It is also a Creemsheen finish so doesn’t leave the lips feeling too dry. This colour is not a too in-your-face- type red so you can wear it with a more neutral eye look or something more dramatic as it complements both. I love the colour as it makes my skin glow and warms it up beautifully.

Rebel: Lots of people love this lipstick and I must admit I love it too. This is the darkest colour lipstick I own, if you dab it on your lips it leaves the most gorgeous berry stain but if you apply it more heavily, it can give you a vampy/sultry look. It is a dark berry colour so I only really wear it on nights out. Although I don’t get as much wear out of it as some of the others I think it’s great to have as it spices up any look.

And that’s it, those are all my MAC lipsticks I own so far. When I own another 5 more I’ll do reviews and swatches on those. I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and found it helpful!

What MAC lipstick is your favorite/ which would you recommend?




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