Rainforest Radiance

ImageI remember using Rainforest Radience Detangling Spray from the Body Shop for the first time last year and noticing it didn’t do very much and how much I disliked the smell. However, recently I coloured my hair lighter for the summer and I wanted a product that would preserve the colour and nourish my hair as after dyeing it there is always the fear of it becoming very dry,especially if you’ve dyed your hair lighter.

I sometimes feel I don’t have the time to condition my hair in the shower so this is great for on the go, especially if you are in a rush as it can be used on dry hair too. You just spritz it on your hair and brush, it’s a leave in conditioner so no need to rinse! Β It detangles my hair leaving it feeling soft and looking shiny and healthy.

Unfortunately I am still not over the smell, it’s not dreadful but for me, personally, i don’t like it. It’s hard to describe, although now I have been using it a lot more I am used to it now.

If you’re looking for a detangling spray that actually works or a leave in conditioner to give you soft hair OR something to help slow down the fading of the colour of your hair or all 3! I think I’ve found it!

I hope you found this helpful, what’s your favorite product for your hair?




2 Comments Add yours

  1. VC says:

    My favorite hair product right now is Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme! It keeps my hair from getting frizzy, and also minimizes the ‘flip out’ at the ends .

    1. Fashsiun says:

      Oh I’ve never tried that, might give it a go. Thanks for sharing!

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