Catch up and Coffees

I started the day off with a very delicious breakfast with my family in a pub in my village, the weather was a bit dreary but it soon brightened up.



I was really looking forward to seeing one of my best friends; Alice, as I hadn’t seen her in over a month! So there was lots to say and chat about.

We first went to Costa where we enjoyed our drinks. If you haven’t tried the green tea, lime and mint fruit cooler you are missing out! It is so refreshing and fresh and tastes amazing! I tired some of Alice’s peach iced tea but it wasn’t that great and I usually love peach iced tea! (sorry Al)


After a much needed catch up we mooched around the shops and I bought a few things (new post coming soon). Whilst shopping I am pleased to say that my indecisiveness has subdued, a little, tiny bit which is good! I chose what I was going to have to eat in under 10 minutes!



We chatted some more and had a look round some shops, we finished in starbucks with Alice sipping on her Caramel frappachino.

It’s days like this that even though we didn’t do anything special it was so lovely to spend time ย just chilling and chatting, you should go and call your best friend right now and tell them how much you love them!




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