Charity shopping and Eating in Crowborough

It was the last day of camping for CSS (Chinese Summer School). CSS is for four days in the summer holidays held in Crowborough-England, for children adopted from China, I have been attending since I was 3 and for the past 3 years I have been a group leader; taking care of a dragon group. Every year my family and I camp for the four days of CSS and a few days after to spend some time with our friends.

When we woke up we were pleased to see that the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. The good weather put us all in a good mood and we started to take the tent down. It’s amazing how some nice weather can change everyone’s mood! We had a light breakfast as we were saving our appetites for later.


nice 2


After packing away everything we walked into Crowborough highstreet for some brunch’. We decided to go into ‘Café Baskerville’ which was lovely, it was a vintage style café with black boards displaying the menu and an array of cakes and cold drinks. It had a friendly vibe with people chatting and the whirr of the coffee machine in the background.



 Thai fishcakes, salad, new potatoes and coleslaw

It’s tradition that we all have a browse around the charity shops.I always love charity shopping as sometimes you find the things you really wanted to buy last year but didn’t get a chance, dvds that are only a £1 or cute little trinkets that you wouldn’t normally find.

I know Depop is now a fairly big app for selling your stuff but a good idea might be to half the pile of stuff you wanted to sell on depop and give it Charity? or give half of what you make to charity? Not only will it help a good cause but you’ll feel really good too!

IMG_4820The home made Raspberry Lemonade was very refreshing and cooling


After a wander around the shops we stopped off for some drinks and food in ‘Harris and Hoole’. It was lovely in there, it had a modern/indie feel to it with the wood flooring and fresh table and seating but contrasting with the ceramic, earthy coloured  bowels and cups. It had healthy food and sweet treats however not a massive selection of sandwiches, although still a nice place to hang out and chill.

After chatting for quite a while it was time for me to say my good byes. It was the perfect end to CSS with some of our most loved friends. It was great to see everyone, as usual, and I can’t wait till next year!

Until then Crowborough!




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