Yori Restaurant Review

I was recently in central London with Steve and we decided to venture into Yori; a Korean style restaurant, as neither of us had tried Korean dishes and were eager to try some.


The restaurant had leather seats and a lampshade over each table which gave a warm glow, giving a romantic atmosphere to the place. The menu had a very large variety with some Japanese dishes as well, everything was reasonably priced and they had a good  selection of drinks. There was also a small selection of desserts such as Green tea ice cream (my favorite) and other unusual flavors.

It had a chilled vibe and classics and new releases of Kpop played in the background. Do not worry it’s not all pop most of the playlist was slow and melodic music to create the relaxed and modern atmosphere.



For starters we ordered Duk bok ki, a fairly spicy dish, with spring onions and what seemed like dumpling pastry either rolled or flat. It wasn’t my favorite, the sauce was delicious and spicy but I didn’t like the texture however Steve loved it.


For mains I had the Chicken Hot pot which was rice, egg, vegetables and chicken. It was delightful, the rice was a little sweet which was an odd but nice taste and the chicken was very succulent. The portion sizes are medium but I was very full after mine that sadly I couldn’t fit in some green tea ice cream!



Steve ordered the Pork ribs which could either be cooked in the kitchen or on the table right in the middle. Of course, being newbies we asked to see it being cooked which was pretty cool. The pork was cooked to perfection and he enjoyed it immensely.

We stayed in the restaurant for a very long time chatting. The staff were very friendly, our waitress could not speak a lot of English but they do enjoy people talking to them, especially if you know some Korean don’t be afraid to say ‘hello/bye’- Ann-ye-ong or ‘thank you’ – gam-sa-hab-nida.

The bathrooms were adequate nothing too posh- 6/10

We definitely want to go back there again as there are more dishes we would like to try. I would highly recommend going as it was a lovely experience.

Do you have a restaurant recommendation in London?




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