Botanics Facial Oil Review



As the cold, winter days draw nearer I wanted to give a facial oil a try. Most of the ones that people recommend are ridiculously expensive so as I scoured the Boots aisle I came across the ‘Botanics Facial oil’. It has all natural ingredients and at only Β£4.95 I thought I couldn’t really go wrong.

I have an oily T-Zone so I was skeptical to try a facial oil but I love the pipette that you use for the product as it gives the right amount of product, it’s a medium thick consistency and smells great!It doesn’t break me out as it is very gentle on the skin. It says to use twice a day but I only use it at night before I go to bed as it takes quite a while to sink into the skin and the oily look on the face is not very attractive. However, I let it work into the skin over night and in the morning my face looks more radiant and plump.

I love using it after my favorite face mask before I go to bed, it feels like a real treat and my skins thanks me for it in the morning.
I would definitely recommend it as I have had it for a few months and I’ve only used a bit as I usually need 1 pipette full for my neck and face.

I would like to try a different facial oil next time, any recommendations?



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