Not Batiste!?


DSC_0004 As I was browsing the aisle’s of Sainsbury’s (how glamours) I came across an offer of 75p for the Herbal Essences dry shampoo. I couldn’t resist putting it in my basket and funnily enough I had run out of my usual Batiste.

I had never strayed from Batiste so I was intrigued how the Herbal Essences would compare. I really like the scent, a lot nicer than some of the Batiste ones. One of my friends: Lily, said it smelt ‘expensive’ so that’s a bonus! The scent is not too overwhelming and it does smell pretty  delicious.

As for the product it does add a lot of texture to the hair and volume but it also leaves it feeling a little crispy at the top and dull looking. It doesn’t make my hair feel clean in fact more dirty, however it does take away the greasy look.

The verdict? I would purchase it again, I really like the smell of this one and I only really use dry shampoo once then wash it the next morning. So making my hair feel a little dirty doesn’t make a difference.

Do you use dry shampoo, if so which is your fave?

or any hair products in general you’d recommend?




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  1. I love tresemme’s new formula, it doesn’t leave as much build up or smell as strongly as their old version! I was about to bail on them before they reformulated.
    xoxo K

    1. Fashsiun says:

      Oh I’ll get it try when this one runs out! Thank you for the reccomendation xx

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