Sixth Form Leavers Ball 22/5/2015

DSC_0196Being Head Girl and part of the SLT (student leadership team) we had to organise the sixth form leavers ball aka Prom. It was very stressful at times and there were a lot of things to do such as food, seating arrangements, photographer, decorations, events sheets, menu orders, money collecting etc.

I had finished my exams a while before everyone else so took charge of the mission. It was a lot of hard work and on the day Lizzie, Alex and I went in at 2 to set up. 3 and half hours later: tables were set, 120 chair covers and sashes were put on, confetti was sprinkled and flowers were on the table. It was finally time to go home and get ready.

I was pretty nervous for the evening as I was worried people weren’t going to have a good time or I would mess up my thank you speech. But when I walked in I was met by all my friends, hugs were given and ‘aw you look so beautiful’ were excitedly said to one another.

Everyone looked amazing, dresses, hair and make-up all looked gorgeous. For the first part, parents took A LOT of pictures of us on the stairs. Then everyone started to file in to the room and I was to make my thank you speech.

It was slow starting as people were still bustling around and sitting down. I said my thank you to the catering, maintenance, Mr S, the SLT, Karishna and everyone for coming, Even though I was dreading the speech it went well… apart from I nearly forgot to call Mr M up to say a few words…

When everyone was seated and the music was playing, the food started being served. I had picked out the menu and I knew the catering would do a great job. The food was wonderful! I had home made tomato soup for starters and vegetarian coulibac. Coulibac is layers of puff pastry, rice and roasted vegtetables with tomato sauce. I had never had it before and it was delicious! For dessert I had home made raspberry and lemon sorbet which again was way better than any restaurants I had tried and then there were chocolate dipped strawberries passed round.

Throughout the night my friends and I jumped into the photo booth and took photos with the professional photographer. We danced A LOT.

It was the perfect night and I was thrilled everyone enjoyed themselves. It was the best send off ever. I am so happy to have become really good friends with all these lovely people.

Sophie A, Sophie D, Kurry, Lil, Alex, Liz and Ant you guys mean so much to me! I hope in the future we are still great friends who meet up in the holidays back from Uni. I hope we don’t lose contact and I wish you all the luck in the world for the future!

This summer is going to be the best! Chilling in Cornwall and taking over (most of) Europe!

Your guys make me so happy and I don’t know what I’d do without all of you. You kept me sane during that IB.

I love you,



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