‘Creams’ Date 2/6/2015

Today I spent the day with the girls: Alex, Lily, Lizzie, Karishma, Ant and Soph x 2.

Lizzie and I met everyone in Nandos. After, we went to ‘Creams’. Non of us had been there before and because it was about food we were all pretty excited!

‘Creams is a dessert place which does all kinds of ice-cream, crépes and waffles. I decided to write a blog post b/c when they came as we were all in awe.

Waffle with strawberries, white and milk chocolate sauce, chocolate ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream and milk and white chocolate curls
Waffle with nutella, strawberries and crushed oreos
This was meant to be a ‘small’ sundae….

11311952_1080995805247092_2029109577_n 11106315_10152910358668027_1838474011_n

What’s your favourite dessert?




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