Disappointing Products

DSC_0223DSC_0224I thought today I would share the products that didn’t meet my expectations. Firstly, I will talk about Original Batiste Dry Shampoo. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Batiste Dry Shampoo.. just not this one. When I tried this particular fragrance I did not like it at all! In fact, I hate the smell and when I put it in my hair it comes out very white and chalky. Making it harder to massage in and hide in the hair. I prefer the tropical scented one or the one for Brown hair. Not only for the smell but the texture seems to be different and they don’t seem to take as long to work into the hair.

The second product I was really disappointed about was the Maybelline Baby Lips- Dr. Rescue. This was the first time I had tried any type of Baby Lips and I sadly did not like it. Maybe they are not all the same but this one made my lips drier! I had to keep re-applying it throughout the day and I didn’t really feel like it hydrated my lips. Instead it just made them look shiny and glossy. I was really looking forward to this lip balm but I think I will stick with my Carmex or Burts Bees.

Have you found any disappointing products recently? If so let me know!




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  1. hautegossip says:

    I completely agree with you, I had the same experience with Babylips! I’ve gone back to Dr Lipps lip balm, it works a treat!

    1. Fashsiun says:

      Oh really! I have never tried Dr Lipps, will have to give it a try.

  2. Yea unfortunately Baby lips aren’t moisturizing but I use them to help refine the colors in my lipsticks! Because of the colors from them it’s almost like reapplying a thin coat of lipstick

    1. Fashsiun says:

      Oh I love that idea! Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

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