Here is a super easy look I created with just using Rebel by Mac. When I got it, I thought I was only going to be able to use it in the winter as it is quite a dark colour. Turns out I can use it in summer too! It was a hot day and I wanted something that would last a long time on my skin and wouldn’t run in the heat or sweat. I decided to use my Rebel lipstick as a stain on the cheeks and lips and have minimal make-up for everything else.

The reason I like using the Rebel lipstick is, it is not too pink to make you look like you have a rash but is still pink enough to brighten up the face and give it some colour! I used my finger to warm up the lipstick, then gently dabbed it on my cheeks. I used translucent powder to sheer it out and blotting paper to blot my lips. This was to ensure the colour would last longer. I really like this look because it really easy, simple and long lasting!

Do you have any summer make-up tricks?




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