‘Do you have…?’

DSC_0019When I am out I often ask my friends ‘do you have….?’. In today’s post I thought I would compile a list of things to always have in your hand bag when you are out so you aren’t the one asking for something you don’t have!

Depending on the size of your handbag it will vary the amount of things you can carry.

  • Pain killers are a must. Wherever you go, painkillers will change the day for you or someone else!
  • Tissues. How many times, ladies, have you finished in the toilet and found to your shock and horror there is not toilet paper left!
  • Hair bands are great to keep your hair off your neck when it’s hot and off your face when you’re trying to eat!
  • Hand sanitizer. Good to use when getting food on the go and there is no time to wash your hands.  Or coming off the tube, bus or train.
  • Q-tips are saviours when it comes to running mascara or cleaning up around edges of lip stick. keep them together with the hair band to save scrabbling around for them in the deep depths of your hand bag!
  • lip balm, especially if you have the habit (like me) to lick your lips A LOT

If your bag is big enough I would definitely bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated, especially when travelling where water is not always so readily available. Also a head for a charger, most people will bring their connection cable but might forget the head of the charger.

Do you have any handbag essentials?




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