Weekly Round up- November #1

The week before was reading week which was so much fun! I went home and was able to see my friends, other half and family! (I should have started this round up thing then!) I got back at 11pm on the Sunday. As much as I miss home I think I am starting to feel a little more settled at Uni. (Hoorah!)

I thought I may try doing a weekly round up on my blog of highlights of the week that has just been, I would love to hear about yours too!

How to get away with Murder– My flat mates and I have started to watch this series and OMG! It is amazing! I am loving it so much! I love the story line, I love the character development and I love the twists. You thought Breaking Bad was unpredictable!

Blogging Again!– I have made plans to start blogging again, I have already written some blog posts and I am exctied to be getting in to the swing of things again as I have missed it a lot. I’m hoping from now on I will be able to stick to my schedule.

Learning Curve- I got my first essay back on Thursday and I am not happy with my mark at all. I am a perfectionist and by no means was that essay perfect. However, I was given clear feedback which I know I can improve on and make better for my next assignment

Street Food Friday’s– Every Friday outside the forum of my university there are quite a few food vans which sell all types of food, from burgers and hot dogs to Sri Lankan curry. A few friends and I are slowly making our way round every food stall….

Pitchers– My new favourite thing to drink, especially a Long Island one. Thursday night was the first time I went out for a drink at the pub with some friends and it turned out to be pretty fun. I may even prefer it to clubbing….

Shopping- First time I actually hit the shops with Elvira and although I didn’t buy too much, it was nice to spend some girly time and just browse

Afternoon Tea– One of my favourite things to do! After much deliberating about what I should have, I enjoyed some apple tart and a chai tea!

Until next Sunday!




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