Weekly Round Up- November #2

Sorry I wasn’t able to post last night as I was travelling back to Uni by coach. (fun times) However, here are my highlights from last week!

Learning something new- This week we changed practical tutor and we were looking at Visual Scripts. It was very different to what we were learning before but it was really interesting. All about how even a few simple lines can be used as a stimulus to create a whole performance. We also looked at surrealism and did some exercises to try and tap into our subconscious which was both daunting and relaxing.

Girl Time- When I went home I met up with one of best friends; Lily and got a drink and some food and just chatted. We were talking for ages and although neither of us are good at keeping in contact virtually it was such a lovely evening to meet up with such a good friend. Being at Uni it can feel very lonely so going back and seeing friends from home and friends who have known you for so long feels so good!

Me and Lily 13/11/15
Wahaca’s 13/11/15

No place like home- I went back home on Friday and I didn’t miss my train! It was so lovely to be back home and see my family. Even if I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary it was lovely to just be with them. Also nothing can beat home cooked food!

Getting the Prom Dress out- On Saturday night Steve and I went to a 50th Birthday party and although not everyone got the memo about prom dresses it was still nice to dress up and get a pair of heels on as clubbing in heels where I live just doesn’t happen!

Me and Steve 14/11/15

The Walking Dead- Steve and I are currently playing The Walking Dead and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I love how interactive it is and how much your choices determine the game.

Present- I think living in the present is so important and we sometimes loose track and are always planning things whether it be for in years to come or for next week. This was drawn to my attention particularly this weekend and is something I would really like to work on.

How was your week?

What were some of your highlights?




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