Weekly Roundup-November #3

Feedback progress- I had a meeting with my academic tutor and I got really positive feedback about my progress so far at uni. It was lovely to hear what she had to say as I was struggling at the begining of term and I am glad I pushed through it.

Feminist theory- I really enjoyed this weeks lecture all about feminisin and performance analysis, we watched a few disturbing clips but it was really interesting and got me thinking deeper about women in theatre and the media.

Switching on the lights – On Thursday all the Christmas lights were switched on in the town centre. They look so pretty and has got me in the festive spirit.


Volunteering- I have wanted to do something more with my free time for a while now. So I have decided to volunteer at a cancer research charity shop once or twice a week. I am really looking forward to starting next week.

Old friend- On friday I went up to see my friend Lizzie at uni! I had such a lovely time, spending time with her, catching up, meeting her flat mates, enjoying the night life and see the sights. Having said this I was extremly cold and I am sort of glad to be going back as it is somewhat warmer!



How was your weekend?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hadia says:

    Your blog is really fun. It kind of reminds me of reading a YA book.

    1. Fashsiun says:

      Haha really? Thanks Hadia!

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