Flying Solo


If only I could go back in time….

From the very beginning I did not like University, yet here I am. Going into my second term of second year, already in 18 grand+ of debt. I am not enjoying my course, or living away from home and I miss my old life.

The life before the stress of making new friends, moving away from home, occupying myself in my ever long weeks of just 3 hours of lectures… etc etc.

But I did not know I was trying to live in the past. I didn’t think I was trying to recreate a part in my old life. That I thought I  would suddenly be happy and start loving uni and everything would be dandy if I got this one aspect of my old life back.

But I have realised that this was the case.

How do I expect to be in a happy relationship when I am not, myself. 

I have been hurting for a long time now and it’s time to fly solo.

You can’t rely on someone else to make you happy.

  1. you are strong and independent. The only person who can make you truly happy
  2. It’s too much pressure to put on that person, who you think will make you happy

So what are you going to do now? 

I guess it’s time to stop thinking about what could/would have been if you did/didn’t do/make a decision.

It’s time to stop trying to live in the past and move forward with your head held high. With the knowledge and belief that the only way to move forward is to look towards the future. Relying only on yourself that you have the power to make yourself happy.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Loved this post Siun! I can’t wait to see you on Saturday for a proper catch up xx

    1. Fashsiun says:

      Thank you so much. Same! It’s been too long! Xx

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