Here’s a list of 20 most important things I have learnt in the last 2 decades!


  1. Black pencil eyeliner under your eyes makes you look like a raccoon
  2. Wearing your hair in a side ponytail does not look good. ever.
  3. Don’t just assume people know you love and appreciate them without showing them
  4. You don’t have to try and please everyone and sometimes think about yourself!
  5. You don’t need to hoard; plastic bags, receipts, every birthday/Christmas card you’ve received in your whole entire life
  6. Getting your cartilage pierced REALLY hurts and will probably get infected
  7. Spend money on experiences rather than materialistic things
  8. Have goals and aspirations but be flexible on your journey to get there
  9. Writing down/making notes on what your expenses are, is  both horrifying and helpfulDSC_0079
  10. Your alcohol tolerance is no where near as high as the majority of your friends. Don’t forget you are Asian.
  11. You have so much support and love around you don’t forget to go to those who care
  12. It’s okay to not know everything and let life surprise you
  13. The way you see your body is VERY different to the way everyone else sees it
  14. Listen to your gut as it’s usually right
  15. You can’t keep a diary to save your life so why do you keep trying every year!?
  16. Feeling challenged means you’re learning, if life feels stagnant go and seek a challenge
  17. Gratitude keeps you positive
  18. Don’t be so precious of your ideas
  19. If people want you to be in their lives they’ll make it clear. Don’t make little of yourself trying to be somewhere you’re not wanted
  20. This too shall pass. So have faith the bad times will end and the good won’t last forever, so live in the present.




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