Bullet, what?

Yes, so everyone and their mothers seems to be bullet journaling and I thought I would share my tips and knowledge on the subject thus far.

I found out about bullet journalling at the end of last year and was intrigued by the concept of it.

What is different about bullet journalling to using a normal notebook? 

In the bullet journal you have complete creative freedom to design pages however you like. The dots on the page are not over bearing, they give you the structure if you choose to use it or the complete freedom to do whatever you want

Why did you start bullet journalling? 

I like making notes, task lists, lists in general etc and the idea of having it all in the same place sounded great. I was inspired by all the beautiful drawings and lay outs of journals I had seen on youtube and wanted to give it a go. Also I love documenting things and writing down thoughts and ideas on the go so I thought this was perfect for me

Is it too late to start a bullet journal now? 

not at all!! The great thing about bullet journaling is that you are not restricted in any way! you have a contents page which you fill up as you go so there is not a specific way or order to do things at all

The most useful spreads broken down: 

Future log:

This is an over view of the whole year so you can see if there are any big plans coming up, I use this to write down birthdays, holidays, term dates etc

Monthly spread:

This is a closer look at the month ahead where you can do more detailed plans that are coming up in that month. I seperate it into personal and blog where I can write down what blog posts I want to upload on what day.


This is a great way of keeping track on how much you spend each month. I write the date, item and how much it costs. By the end of the month I am going to add it all up and see how much I spend in a month. Not only is this good for seeing how much you spend on random stuff but it also makes you more mindful on what you’re spending money on.

Habit Tracker:

I like keeping one of these each month. You pick a few things that you want to try and do daily and make a table with the habit you want to do or break and the date. At the end of each day you mark on if you have/not done each habit. This is a great way of holding yourself more accountable and seeing your progress over a month at a glance.

Weekly spreads:

I use this like a normal diary where I can write tasks I need to do each day and I use the key system to put it in place and keep track of what I have done or what I have left to do. Below Sunday I always have a task box, this is just for tasks I need to do that week but not on a specific day.


  1. Don’t be disheartened if your bullet journal is not FLAWLESS. Your bullet journal is for you! If (like me) you can’t exactly draw extravagant pictures of flowers etc don’t worry, it’s meant to be ‘unique’
  2. The paper is quite thin in the Leuchtturm 1917 notebook so test out your pens before getting frustrated when they seep through.
  3. Crayola pens are surprisingly good with the paper and don’t bleed too much through to the other side
  4. Don’t get too caught up in trying to make it ‘perfect’ trust me, it’s not worth the headache
  5. Keeping the contents page going is a great feature!
  6. WASHI TAPE IS GREAT! you can use it on the edge of the pages you find most helpful to find them easier as you flick through
  7. Don’t be afraid to be random in the book, that is what the contents page is for to help organise that!

I hope you have found this helpful!

What are your favourite/most helpful spreads?






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